Reginald Hislop III

Professional Overview

About Reginald Hislop III

Reginald Hislop III is a nationally recognized executive, CEO, and leader with decades of experience. He has worked with non-profits, healthcare, and several other industries. Alongside these accomplishments, Reginald is a published author and advisor.

Over the years, Reginald Hislop III has learned to respect the creative process within business development. As such, he can expand and define enterprise visions, ensuring business growth. Reginald can help these companies grow to their full potential by finding creative solutions to everyday challenges. In particular, Reginald Hislop III has extensive experience at the CEO/Board level in business development, strategy development, marketing, finances, and risk management. In short, he’s essential for any organization to enlist, as he can see the larger picture. Reginald has over thirty years of experience working within the non-profit sector, where he helped develop several influential organizations and foundations.

Formerly, Reginald Hislop III was Oakwood Lutheran Senior Ministries CEO, where he was brought on to help grow the organization, expand its revenue, increase census, and improve operational quality. In other words – he was brought on to do what he does best. Oakwood Lutheran Senior Ministries has been around for over seven decades, helping seniors in the community live rich and fulfilling lives. Thanks to Reginald’s efforts, they can do even more for their seniors – and their community. One of Reginald’s proudest accomplishments at Oakland is developing a new state-of-the-art SNF building, which connects the campus to other facilities. He helped lead the organization through this trying time, implementing vital control plans and infection control requirements.  

The second organization Reginald Hislop III is actively involved with is H2 Healthcare, LLC. Based in Galena, Illinois, Reginald is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of the organization. H2 Healthcare is a national scope consulting practice. Through Reginald’s hard work, H2 Healthcare has thrived, providing clients with health policies, economic and market research, and general expertise. There are many ways for a person to run a business. Reginald Hislop III likes to view a company as a family. His managerial style is more akin to parenting, providing high expectations and unconditional love. Reginald’s unique style shines through in the success of H2 Healthcare. 

Reginald Hislop III has always been concerned about his community – doing more than his fair share to give back to those around him. This is a significant reason why he is so involved in non-profit organizations. Thanks to his efforts, Reginald has been offered many unique opportunities, such as acting as Director of United Cerebral Palsy (1999-2004) and the Alzheimer’s Association of Southeast Wisconsin (1994-1999). In 1989 he founded West Allis Education Foundation, where he acted as a chairman until 2004. On top of serving on boards, Reginald Hislop III enjoys participating in presentations and publishing articles. Over the years, he has published over one hundred and fifty articles. Recently, Reginald published his third book, “5 Star Quality Rating System Technical User’s Guide.” 

When Reginald Hislop III isn’t busy working, he enjoys spending time with his family. His favorite hobbies include cooking, and he cherishes his ability to build things with his hands. Reginald is capable around the house, as he knows plumbing, electrical, and carpentry. He will likely continue adding to this skill set as time progresses.  

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